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A wholesale rice trader sold `7/11` of his stock of rice bags in the first two weeks of January.

In the next two weeks he was able to sell `5/6` of the remaining stock of rice bags.

By the end of January, he was left with 96 bags of rice.

(a) What was the number of rice bags that he had in the beginning of January?

(b) If each bag contained 25 kg of rice and if rice was sold at 95 cents a kg, how much money did the wholesale trader collect in the month of January?



Notes to students:

  1. If the question above has parts, (e.g. (a) and (b)), given that the answer for part (a) is 10 and the answer for part (b) is 12, give your answer as:10,12
The correct answer is : 1584,35340