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26.4 kg of butter and 13.4 kg of flour were available in the pantry.

A chef took out an equal mass of butter and flour to bake some cakes.

Following this, the ratio of the remaining mass of butter to the remaining mass of flour became 8 : 3.

(a) How many kilograms of butter were used?

(b) The cost of 1 kg of flour is $2.25.

Find the value of the flour that was left in the pantry.



Notes to students:

  1. If the question above has parts, (e.g. (a) and (b)), given that the answer for part (a) is 10 and the answer for part (b) is 12, give your answer as:10,12
  2. Round your answer off to 2 decimal places.


The correct answer is : 5.6,17.55
(a)_____kg, (b)$_____