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The distance between Toon town and Boom town was 828 km.

Geraldine started driving a bus from Toon town to Boom town at 0900.

At first, she drove at a speed of 80 km/h for the first 4 hours of the journey.

After that, she increased her speed by 47 km/h for the rest of the journey.

(a) What was her average speed for the whole journey?

(b) What time did she reach Boom town?


Notes to student:

  1. If the question above has parts, (e.g. (a) and (b)), given that the answer for part (a) is 10 and the answer for part (b) is 12, give your answer as:10,12
  2. Round your answer off to 2 decimal places


The correct answer is : 103.5,5
(a)_____km/h, (b)_____p.m