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Primary 6 Problem Sums/Word Problems - Try FREE

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There were 3 boys Alexander, Ricky and George.

They started walking around a circular road starting at the same time and at the same point.

George walked in a clockwise direction while Ricky and Alexander walked in an anticlockwise direction.

George took 7 minutes to complete each round.

After every 3 minutes, he would meet Alexander.

After every 2 minutes, he would meet Ricky.

(a) What is the ratio of Alexander's speed to Ricky's speed?

(b) How many rounds did George cover in 84 minutes?

(b) After 84 minutes, Ricky would have walked for 6 km. Find the circumference of the circular road in metres.


Notes to student:

  1. If the question above has parts, (e.g. (a) and (b)), given that the answer for part (a) is 10 and the answer for part (b) is 12, give your answer as:10,12
The correct answer is : 8:15,12,200
(a)_____, (b)_____rounds, (c)______m